Let Us RE Introduce Ourselves

The Westin Building is now Westin Building Exchange (WBX). We're growing the team and our services so we can keep delivering more than is expected.

It was 30 years ago when someone knocked on our door requesting rights to our roof for their microwave dishes giving them the needed line-of-sight and giving us an idea. Who could have predicted the deregulation of Ma Bell, the age of the internet, and the "cloud". Now, over 70 percent of our 34 floors is dedicated to some aspect of the data center. Hundreds of service providers rely on hyper connectivity to our copper and fiber meet-me-rooms. We built such resilient infrastructure, systems, and processes that we now are sought out by those with only casual interest in our meet-me-room connectivity.

We Own That

Since 2001, we've been offering co-location services as the building owners. We currently have 73,000 sq. ft. of building-managed co-lo space with more coming online all the time. So, whether you need a cabinet, cage, or suite, we've got the space, power, and connectivity you're looking for.

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