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We're well connected.

No matter what your type, be it copper or fiber, we'll make that hand shake happen.

Connectivity Tour

Fiber Meet Me Room

If you’re located anywhere within our building you most likely will end up here in route to one or many connections depending upon your requirements and service model. And, it will only grow from here as we continually add international and domestic content, cloud, and internet service providers making this increasingly THE room to bloom.

Copper Meet Me Room

For over thirty years, our Copper Meet-Me-Room has been providing the “last mile” connectivity. Fiber may now be where it’s at but we still have a steady demand for copper-based connectivity. We continually groom and maintain this locale with military precision prolonging its relevancy and viability.

Seattle Internet Exchange

The SIX is a fast growing, neutral and independent peering point which was created as a free exchange point sponsored only by donations. It continues to run without any re-occurring charges to the participants with current major funding coming from one-time 10 Gigabit port fees. The SIX is a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt non-profit corporation that we are pleased to be hosting within our building.

Pacific NW Giga PoP

The PNWGP designs, implements, and manages a multi-state high-bandwidth and high-capacity network specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of research and education communities throughout the Pacific Rim.

We make clouds happen. Although we’re not white and fluffy, we have over 250 carriers, service and content providers in our building that we keep connected come rain or shine.