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We understand that uptime is of the utmost importance. Because of this, we’ve instituted a rigorous preventative maintenance protocol to reliably and consistently serve our customers without interruption. And this is just one of the many ways that we put the pride of ownership, proven experience, creativity, and uncommon levels of redundancy to work, defining who we are and what we do in the process. To ensure our continued success, we’ve tapped into resource pools like the U.S. Navy. When building our teams, we recruited those once responsible for critical systems on nuclear submarines. Here, former submariners turn their attention towards designing, operating and maintaining our critical infrastructure creating a culture that demands attention to detail and meticulous precision. Our people, coupled with our dedication to maintaining an industry –leading facility, despite the significant capital and operational investments required to do so, are what set us apart. This is not an endeavor to be undertaken by the inexperienced or the underfunded; a lesson we hope you never have to learn the hard way.



When things do go “bump”, how will the provider respond? What are the anticipated and therefore planned countermeasures to be taken? If an incident did occur, were lessons learned and vulnerabilities eradicated? Were appropriate investments made to ensure that a repeat is not an option? Worse yet, is the provider so new that time-tested infrastructure, processes, and staff are not even a possibility? The slides will hint at our response to such questions that are readily apparent when touring our facility.

Recovery Tour